Closewatch Livestock Wireless Camera Kit for up to 2 Barns

Product Code: CWLS2


Closewatch Livestock Wireless Camera Kit for up to 2 Barns

Product Code: CWLS2

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For the ultimate pro system to cover two livestock barns look no further than this Livestock Wireless Camera Kit. Using advanced PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras with 25× zoom they are truly versatile for looking around and close up inside your livestock shed so that you can get a clear idea of what is going on without having to trudge over to check! No need to run cables between the barns to link up the system thanks to the included wireless panels that bridge between the location of the cameras and the house.
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PTZ Camera
Central to this kit is the powerful Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras allowing you look around the barn and zoom in on individual animals without having to be physically in the room!

WiFi Bridge
This kit uses high-powered wireless transmitters to send the camera stream back to your home's network via the air. 

4MP Video
Captures video in 2560×1440 resolution, twice the detail of Full HD to give you plenty of detail to get a very clear view of animals even when zoomed out.

25x Optical Zoom
The PTZ camera can move from a wide-angle view of the whole barn to a close crop on a tiny area with a zoom time of just 3.6 seconds.

100m Night Vision
Powerful IR LEDs provide enough illumination to see a huge distance, even in unlit buildings.

Low Light Recording
Keeps recording in colour right down to 0.005 lux, perfect for keeping track of animals in dim conditions.

Remote Control
Use PC or mobile app to view and control the camera from anywhere.

Smart Detection
Includes the latest automation features, including line crossing, object removal and intrusion detection.

Programmable Movements
Store up to 300 preset camera positions, as well as multiple patrols and patterns.

Arm Bracket
Holds camera securely away from the wall, allowing 360 degrees of rotation.

MicroSD Storage
Built-in MicroSD slot lets you record footage directly from the app, and can even be used as an emergency backup if you have the camera connected to a network video recorder.

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