Our Support Packages

We know that camera technology can be confusing.

It's a specialist field of technology, filled with technical jargon, and even professional installers with decades of experience can have trouble keeping up to date with the latest know-how. Because of this, we have made it our mission to make sure our customers always have the information and help they need to get their camera systems up-and-running. So, whether you're installing a single camera wired system or a multi-camera wireless solution, we can help! 

All our farming kits include 1 year of Premium Priority Service for no extra so that you have a helping hand to get you set up.

Premium Support

Our Premium Priority 6 Service includes:

  • Prioritised email support from a member of helpdesk
  • A personalised DNS address and setup to get your recorder online
  • Direct and secure professional NVR/DVR remote access set up (view online)
  • Priority booking if you need a little helping hand, engineer setup £15 per item or service
  • Same working day first response service within 2 hours (unless after 3pm)
  • Priority booking should your system require a remote diagnosis
  • Includes system setup and configuration - no extra £15 setup fees!
  • 5 Year Extended Warranty whilst service is paid (individual items up to £400)
  • Items with higher than £400 value covered by 3 year repair or replace warranty
  • On-site swap out for items identified as faulty, reducing downtime
  • Covers up to six individual items

After the 1st year just £85 per year.

If you reset your router or factory reset your system within the first 3 months and require a new full setup, this is charged at our per item service fee of £15.

Premium Support 12

£170 per year (Just £3.26 per week)

Everything in Premium Support 6 plus:

  • Cover for up to 12 individual items
  • Or an extra six items can be covered for those already on PREMIUMSUP6 for £85

Premium Support 18

£255 per year (Just £4.90 per week)

Everything in Premium Support 6 plus:

  • Cover for up to 18 individual items


A bridge (a pair of two panels) is one item. A third panel in a multi-bridge setup would count as one extra item.

An item is a camera, recorder, bridge or switch. Accessories such as cables etc in your system are not counted.