2 Camera 4G Remote Site CCTV System

Product Code: 4GBOX


2 Camera 4G Remote Site CCTV System

Product Code: 4GBOX

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This bespoke made-to-order remote site CCTV system pairs two professional CCTV cameras with a secure enclosure lockbox to provide a versatile outdoor solution. Made to order: please contact us for more information.

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Wireless CCTV for Remote Sites
These versatile outdoor CCTV solutions are ideal for unmanned sites such as constructions sites, farm out-buildings etc.

    4G Wireless Solution
    No internet? No problem. The included 4G router allows you to link up the recorder to the net using a mobile data connection. We can advise on suitable data contracts.

      Modular System
      This system was designed to be completely modular and we can add a variety of cameras including ANPR cameras, smart tracking PTZ cameras and much more!

        1080p HD
        The two professional cameras feature 2MP video for high-quality footage.

          Waterproof Enclosure Box
          Key to this system is the ability to hide all the equipment (recorder, router) in the waterproof secure enclosure box to disguise the system in an electric cabinet style box.

            4 Channel Recorder
            Includes a 4 channel DVR to allow up to 4 cameras to be recorded to the pre-installed 1TB hard drive.

              Setup & Configuration Included
              This kit will have everything you need to get set up as it is made to order.

                Failsafe backup
                We can tailor the box to enable you to log in to certain cameras even if there is an issue with the recorder and provide specific alerts to your phone when specific parameters are breached by a potential intruder or issue.

                  Remote Access
                  Remotely connect to the cameras over the internet thanks to the 4G connection.

                    Smartphone Access
                    You can remotely monitor the cameras using your smartphone

                      Made to order: please contact us for more information.

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